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Bone Cold (2019) - Trailer

Pás a Véndre (2014) - Trailer

The Devil Has Blue Eyes (2019) - Trailer

Crowbar (2012) - Trailer

Gibby (2015) - Commercial Trailer

Doubleblind (2013) - Preview

Gibby (2015) - Teaser Trailer

St Nicholas Festival (2015) - Promo


Gibby (2015) - Kitchen Scene

Katie wants to bake her dad a cake, but Gibby destroys the kitchen before she has a chance.

Gibby (2015) - Commercial Scene

Katie's dad decides to incorporate Gibby into his commercial, but his boss isn't pleased.

Gibby (2015) - Final Competition

When Alicia tries to ruin Katie's routine, Gibby is there to save the day.

Gibby (2015) - Doorbell Scene

Gibby causes trouble in the neighborhood when she escapes the basement.

Boy in the Elvis Suit (2016) - Excerpt

A young man connects with his subconscious on a journey of self-discovery.

First Love (2017) - Excerpt

A coming-of-age film about a young girl who falls in love with her new neighbor.

Crowbar (2011) - Orchard Scene

Veronica ventures into the woods in search of the woman who can give her answers.

Crowbar (2011) - Basement Murder

Veronica hides after witnessing the murder of her best friend.

Still Cool (2017) - Excerpt

A Millennial couple comes to terms with the fact that they're not 21 anymore and it's okay.

Pás a Véndre  (2014) - Following Scene

Claire follows her mother in hopes of finding out who she's meeting every night.

Pás a Véndre (2014) - Bridge Scene

Claire is devastated when she finds out her mother's secret second job.

Probability (2014) - Thinking Scene

Peter uses his Probability Theory Expertise to reconnect with the girl of his dreams.

Probability (2014) - Opening Scene

Peter, a mathematician, tries to use his probability theory expertise to impress a girl.

Doubleblind (2013) - Act 2 Excerpt

Six college students realize they're in danger after moving into their new home.

Titan AE  - Deleted Scene Rescore 


Stepped On (2014) 

Nubis Terra: The Floating World  - Video Game Demo

Mr. Komodo's Magic Show (2013) 

Pet  (2017) 

Full Movies

Coeur d'Alene (2016) 

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